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Reivilo Foods Chilli RelishReivilo Foods is a family business, established by a father, son and daughter in Cape Town, South Africa.  This trio loves food and have a great passion for the culinary arts…

Our range of sauces hail from Mozambique, took a turn in the Lowveld to be refined and reached perfection with our Father-Son team’s passion in our Cape Town kitchen.

The inspiration to make chilli sauces came to Alex Olivier (crackerjack chef and die-hard chilli fan), while living in a beach hut, on the raw & Wild Coast of Southern Mozambique, not far from Santa Maria. “We lived for our chilli sauces using them on everything we possibly could. A little hot sauce would transform a freshly caught green spotted kingfish into a gourmet meal.” Chilli sauce was a true commodity on the Mozambican Coast. The town was far away, but a monthly visit would excite the senses. Whilst walking around, Alex would steal with his eyes as he watched the locals’ traditional ways of fermenting chillies and marinating meats with a simple chilli, garlic and lemon mix. He later befriended locals who shared their secret family Prego recipes with him. And so the first (chilli) seeds were sown…

Fast forward a few years, cooking late into the night with his dad, which for this team means true “quality time”, they decided to share their passion for chilli with the rest of the world. The next morning they went to the spice markets in Woodstock, sourced some good quality chillies and started making the first batches of Dictator chilli relish. “We believe the trick with chillies is to be able to produce both heat and flavour. So we looked to Indian cuisine for the answer, as it skilfully manages to balance flavours with hot, spicy and sweet, better than anyone other.”

We believe in real food and use fresh organic produce. No short-cuts, only the real deal. Our sauces fulfil the promises locked up in the leading Dictator name in a number of ways – the tempting taste demands respect and proudly rules, the colour stimulates salivation, the texture differentiates it from its competitors and the striking labels ensure that they stand out above the rest.

Go ahead and taste the adventure!

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