Reivilo Foods is a family business, established by a father, son and daughter in Cape Town, South Africa.  This trio loves food and have a great passion for the culinary arts…

Our range of sauces hail from Mozambique, took a turn in the Lowveld to be refined and reached perfection with our Father-Son team’s passion in our Cape Town kitchen.

The inspiration to make chilli sauces came to Alex Olivier (crackerjack chef and die-hard chilli fan), while living in a beach hut, on the raw & Wild Coast of Southern Mozambique, not far from Santa Maria.

“We lived for our chilli sauces using them on everything we possibly could. A little hot sauce would transform a freshly caught green spotted kingfish into a gourmet meal.” Chilli sauce was a true commodity on the Mozambican Coast. The town was far away, but a monthly visit would excite the senses. Whilst walking around, Alex would steal with his eyes as he watched the locals’ traditional ways of fermenting chillies and marinating meats with a simple chilli, garlic and lemon mix.

Dictator Chilli Relish

Our Relishes

Our range of relishes are marketed under the auspices of Reivilo Foods (Pty) Ltd (read Olivier in reverse). The chillies are grown and relishes are hand-made on an organic farm outside a small town called Malmesbury. Only the best natural ingredients are selected to bring out the best in our products. The factory on the farm, which produces and bottles our homemade recipes, complies with the highest standards.


Product Range

Dictator Chilli Relish

The Dictator - Chilli Relish

The original is our first born and where our journey as chilli aficionados became established. Our organically grown chillies are blended with spices and loads of fresh ingredients to give it its bold, hot, spicy and smoky aromas. Each jar is packed with a minimum of 60% fresh chilli and is full of texture. Perfect to jazz up sauces, soups, sandwiches and marinades. Try it on everything and use liberally.

Guru Curry Relish

Guru - Curry Relish

Our GURU  has an Indian inspired twist, much to do with Alex’s fixation on Indian cuisine. Obsessed with all things spicy and flavoursome we simply had to make our own chilli-style Atchar. Our organically grown chillies are blended with fresh curry leaves, turmeric and spices to give it its bold, hot, spicy and unique aromas. The GURU adds a depth of flavour to a variety of dishes, or a spectacular accompaniment to any dish, add to soups or zest up your salad.

IBO Mozambican Hot Sauce

IBO Mozambican Hot Sauce

IBO (pronounced E-boo) is named after the small island in Northern Mozambique and remains true to the traditional recipes of chilli sauce in Mozambique. It combines fermented bird’s eye and habanero chillies with exotic African spices, producing equal heat and flavour. Creamy in texture, with a slight tropical edge. Slather it on anything that needs an extra kick.

Reivilo Prego Relish

Prego Relish

“Prego” and yes! “You are welcome” ! This spectacularly bright sauce, is a blend of our chilli relish with lots of garlic and a variety of vinegars (as all great Pregos should be) to bring on the tang. Toss directly on seafood, marinate steaks/chicken or add to stir-fries and pastas.

Dictator Chilli Relish


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