Our Dictator chilli relishes and prego sauce hail from Mozambique, took a turn in Nelspruit to be refined and reached perfection with our Father-Son team’s love and passion in our Cape Town kitchen.  We believe in real food and use fresh organic produce.  No short-cuts only the real deal.

Our tip top relishes and prego sauce, from the cradle of Africa, fulfil the promises locked up in the leading Dictator name in a number of ways -  the tempting taste demands respect and proudly rules, the colour stimulates salivation, the texture differentiates it from its competitors and the striking labels ensure that they stand out above the rest.

Dictator is marketed under the auspices of Reivilo Foods (Pty) Ltd (read Olivier in reverse).  The chillies are grown and Dictator is hand-made on an organic farm and only the best natural ingredients are selected to bring out the best in our products.  The factory on the farm, which produces and bottles our homemade recipes, complies with the highest standards.

Go ahead and spice up your life!